Reformed Church Springfield IL

Our worship is traditional in style and genuine in heart.

The Service

Our worship services are the crowning piece of what we do as a church. We are reverent and joyful. A distinct worship belief we hold to is called the regulative principle of worship – that God commands what God wants us to do in worshipping Him. The flip side is, if God has not commanded it, God does not want us doing it! For example, we never have skits or video clips in church, because we are people of the Word, not people of the image. God commanded plain parts of worship, such as: reading, praying, preaching, giving and singing. That is it. Only what is commanded by God is even allowed in worship!

The Music

In our worship service, we use the Book of Psalms for Singing and the Trinity Hymnal. We have piano accompaniment with each Psalm and hymn. There are opportunities for special music at our holiday services, including our annual Thanksgiving Service and our Carols and Cookies event in December.

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